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Our Brands

ErbazlarPanel furniture manufacturing is realized under Erbazlar trademark that is founded in 1980. We offer the products such public housing kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, laminate worktops, clothes and rail cupboards with assurance and quality of Erbazlar trademark.


Our ER-ART trademark that we had its registry in 1997 consists of classes such; office furniture manufacture, manufacture of kitchen tops, manufacture of ready-body systems, cubicle systems, compact construction, manufacture of laminate cover and decorative panels.

We provide the needs of many corporate and institutes primarily State Supply Office with our office furniture.

Another ERART class that we aim the low capacity manufacturers is Manufacture of ready-Body Systems. Laminate kitchen tops malat in any requested color and size which is a new trend of the kitchen tops sector under this trademark is also made.

With Erart Compact Cubicle Systems , we put forward the endurance of compact laminate to water and other environmental conditions, in the products that we produce to use in wet volumes (WC, Bathroom etc.). Also in exterior wall coatings, heat insulations, we make service in Erart Compact Cubicle Systems.

Interba- smallIn order to be a leader in authority sets manufacturing and follow the office furniture and improvements in the sector closer, with the trademark Interba that we started our entrepreneurship movement, we prepared you to meet with the sleek, elegant, aesthetic and ergonomic office furniture. We continue our way fastly with the compliments in the top level of quality and design in the products that we sign as Interba, though it is only one year of trademark.


ErbalineWith the products that we produce under the trademark ERBALINE which we founded in 1997, such for house-use kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, clothes and walk-in closets, pantry cabinets and lockers, we make service.